Below are my favorite links:






* : I work in this Thai restaurant as cook. We are the 1st Thai restaurant in Leiden. Below several of my colleagues

* Thai vertaalbureau Suwannaphoom:  Useful overview of all Thai organisation in the Netherlands.

* Floriade 2002: Pictures of the Floriade 2002 held in the Netherlands.

* news about the 400 year relationship between Thailand and the Netherlands.

* The Kwean & Kanghan magazine promotes the cooperation between Thailand and the Netherlands. The publisher Mrs. Sawita can be contacted at 06 29 122 310 or by email sawita_notayah@(nospam)

* Fund raising festival organised by IMWART. This foundation organises activities to protect and preserve wild animals in Thailand

* Thai cooking lessons with Umaporn Sangjan. Thai cooking lessons that you can simply follow in the relaxed and known atmosphere of your own home and kitchen. Books on Thai fruit carving techniques can also be ordered via her website.

* A website with information about Thailand and an overview of Thai business in the Netherlands and Dutch business in Thailand.

* and : Two "lifestyle" websites which published an interview with me. You can read the interview here or here.

* covers the latest Thai news in Dutch and much more.

* is a shop selling Thai tea and other nice presents from Thailand.

* "Fashion For Food"